What is Outplacement?

Outplacement is a support service provided by some organizations to help former employees transition to new jobs.  But, the Symicor360 outplacement model also includes aggressive job search services for each outplaced candidate.  Our background in recruiting gives us a distinct advantage over any other outplacement service in the nation!

We help displaced employees find new career opportunities – in lockstep with their passion and talents.

Why Offer Outplacement Services To Your Displaced Employees?

Protect Your Brand

A transparent outplacement plan sends a positive message to all company employees and mitigates unintended turnover – improving internal brand. Protect your company’s internal and external brand by supporting affected employees.

Expedited Re-employment

The Symicor360 team works diligently to find the right opportunity for each outplaced candidate by leveraging our team of proven career coaches and recruiters.

Enhance Severance Agreements

An effective outplacement strategy enhances the potency and effectiveness of your current severance agreement.

Culture of Caring

Creating an effective outplacement solution ensures a company environment of compassion and caring.  A transparent outplacment plan sends a positive message to all company employees and mitigates unintended turnover – thereby improving your internal brand.

Manage Your Risk

Mitigates the possibility of litigation from affected employees by offering comprehensive outplacement services.

Cost Containment

Shortening the re-employment cycle will reduce the burden of higher unemployment compensation costs.

Returning to the Workforce

This is our specialty! Our team of expert career coaches come from a strong recruiting background. Our ability to leverage all technology-driven career platforms is unmatched.  At the end of the day, we understand that your outplaced bank or credit union employees simply want to get back to work – as soon as possible.

Unlike other outplacement firms that only offer resume writing and career coaching, Symicor360 opens new doors for employees seeking their next career move. Our proprietary method of conducting job searches and employee marketing is proven and offers a gateway to new job opportunities.

The Symicor360 Difference

Career Transition Processes

The clock has started. Exited employees must now prepare for their next career journey and in most cases, these employees may not know where to start.  Relax, our 7-Step Career Transition Process reduces the stress of not knowing how or where to go for help!

Systematic Outplacement Process

Our team of Career Coaches / Recruiters deploy a disciplined and systematic outplacement process designed to bring new hope and employment to each candidate we represent.

The Symicor360 Team

The Symicor360 team invests significant time with each candidate identifying the candidate’s skills, aptitude, and career preferences.

Our team includes:

  • Caring and Compassionate Career Coaches
  • Credentialed Resume Writers
  • Candidate Marketing Experts
  • Seasoned Recruiters

Assessment Tools

Symicor360 administers appropriate candidate assessments that are designed to identify skills, talents, and candidate preferences. Our toolbox includes the use of both DISC and 360 Degree Assessments.

Professional Resume Writers

Our team of professional resume writers offers ground-up construction of potent and professional resumes, cover letters, Linkedin profiles, interview follow-up emails, etc.

Career Recruiter / Coaches

Our team of career recruiter/coaches take a team approach to identify suitable bank or credit union opportunities for each candidate.

Salary Guidance

Our salary counseling pinpoints current trends within the banking industry and reflects job availability and salary guidance by geography.

Company Sponsored vs. Candidate Direct

Two-thirds of US companies offer some form of outplacement assistance.  Whether it is executive or non-executive support, outplacement assistance can be part of an exit package offered to employees.

Company-sponsored outplacement with Symicor360 provides caring and compassionate support for the exiting bank employee who may be facing unemployment for the first time in many years.  These banks and credit unions engage outplacement specialists who prepare the candidate for the next chapter in their career.

Symicor360 forms a solid partnership with sponsoring employers seeking to both support the outplaced employee while protecting their brand. Other bank and credit union employees are watching this process very attentively!

Our company-sponsored outplacement program options can be viewed here.

A candidate may choose to leave the employer on their own.  These employees will have to fend for themselves as they enter the job search process.  However, Symicor360 does offer various options for these candidates as well.  Our Direct Outplacement plans are low-cost outplacement services that can offer many of the same support services as our Sponsored Plan options.  Learn more by clicking here.