What is Outplacement?

Outplacement is a support service provided by some organizations to help former bank and credit union employees transition to new jobs.  However, the Symicor360 outplacement model may also include aggressive and proactive recruitment services for each outplaced candidate.  Our background in recruiting gives us a distinct advantage over any other outplacement service in the nation!

We help displaced employees find new career opportunities – in lockstep with their passion and talents.

Why Offer Outplacement Services To Your Displaced Employees?

Protect Your Brand

A transparent outplacement plan sends a positive message to all company employees and reduces unintended turnover – improving the internal brand. Protect your company’s internal and external brand by supporting affected employees.

Expedited Re-employment

The Symicor360 team works diligently to find the right opportunity for each outplaced candidate by leveraging our team of proven career coaches and recruiters.

Enhance Severance Agreements

An effective outplacement strategy enhances the potency and effectiveness of your current severance agreement.

Culture of Caring

Creating an effective outplacement solution ensures a company environment of compassion and caring.  A transparent outplacment plan sends a positive message to all company employees and lowers the rate of unintended turnover – thereby enhancing your internal brand.

Manage Your Risk

Mitigates the possibility of litigation from affected employees by offering comprehensive outplacement services.

Cost Containment

Shortening the reemployment cycle will reduce the burden of higher unemployment compensation costs.