Your Future Is At Stake

You are at a new crossroads.  Your career has taken a different direction.  You are not alone!  The Symicor360 team stands ready to serve as your career guide during this time of transition to a new and exciting career.

We will marshall all of our experience and resources to get you back to work – in a career change that offers the elements essential to you and your family.

We are more than an outplacement firm that simply prepares you for future opportunities.  You may be able to take advantage of our seasoned bank and credit union recruiters.

Symicor360 - The Plus Factor - Recruitment

Our unique outplacement approach is rooted in recruitment.   Most outplacement firms simply prepare the candidate for re-entry into the job market – stopping short of engaging in meaningful outreach (recruitment) to potential employers!  The Symicor360 team takes that next essential step and reaches out to prospective banks and credit unions – opening the door for an interview and placement.

Our team enjoys many years of experience helping candidates find new banking opportunities across the U.S.  After we assess and prepare the candidate for employer engagement, we leverage our potent and effective candidate marketing process.

Best-in-Market Technology Platform & Processes

The Symicor360 outplacement / career transition platform is highly advanced.  We enjoy access to the most effective candidate preparation and marketing tools available on the market.  Our essential partners include, Google Analytics,,,,, Bullhorn Staffing candidate software,, etc.

Our team of outplacement coaches understands how to develop a customized approach to preparing and placing outplaced candidates.

Personalized & Caring Outplacement

We assume that each candidate in transition is like a family member.  This begins with building a relationship of trust. You are moving into one of the most challenging and emotionally charged stages of their careers.  Our caring team of coaches takes an empathetic approach in all phases of your re-employment process.

As we build our relationship, we provide both one-on-one meetings or video discussions with you.

Trained Coaches

Our team of bank/credit union career coaches is highly trained to offer a professional and effective coaching experience.  From the time we initially meet with you to final re-employment, each coach moves through a proprietary training program.

This training is infused with a ‘behavior-based’ interviewing model that gleans the most essential information and preferences important to you.  Before a word is reduced to paper on a resume or CV, our team will have a complete picture of each your unique background, skills, and future potential.

Each coach is trained in all areas of the candidate’s search process. This includes:

  • Developing the correct narrative about your current and former job status.
  • Building or reconstituting your brand.
  • Creating a meaningful biography, cover letter and resume.
  • Narrowing the job search focus, etc.

Each coach has been able to then assist the employee through the interview process. Finally, your career coach will able to assist in job offer negotiation and final acceptance.

Our training is perpetual.  No career coach ever arrives at the ultimate coaching model.  Our philosophy of continuous improvement demands that we seek and employ only the best coaching professionals.

Candidate / Symicor360 Team Relationship

Unlike many outplacement firms, we do more than provide professional resume and effective social media content.  Our team of career coaches will take you through a disciplined progression designed to get you back to work.

The backbone of our approach is rooted in providing a customized approach to re-employment – on your terms.

Reach out to our team today for more details!

Employer / Symicor360 Team Relationship

A positive and constructive ongoing relationship with the outplaced employee is essential. We keep open lines of communication throughout the entire the outplacement process. All candidates will meet with their coach on a consistent and scheduled basis.