Assign and Introduce Career Coach

The assignment of a career coach is as essential as finding the right job opportunity for a candidate.  It is essential that each career coach is assigned in a manner that affords the outplaced employee the best opportunity for re-employment.

Once assigned, the career coach will guide the candidate through the outplacement process using the Symicor360 7-Step outplacement model.

Candidate Assessments

Symicor360 administers appropriate candidate assessments that are designed to identify skills, talents, and candidate preferences.

  • 360 Degree Assessment

We utilize a 360-degree review designed to assemble anonymous feedback about an employee from the people working closely with the candidate including direct managers, peers, and subordinates.

This information is used to give the outplaced candidate a potent tool that can be used to leverage his / her strengths and identify areas of needed improvement.  It is essential that the candidate begin the interviewing process with a complete picture of their talents and skills.

  • Berke Assessment

The Berke Assessment offers a thorough mix and match approach that measures both personality and problem-solving traits. This popular assessment tool is a favorite among Fortune 500s and is straightforward enough to be used by businesses of any size.

  • DISC Assessment

The DISC assessment is a tool that provides insight and opportunities for personal growth and success by helping people better understand themselves and to adapt their behaviors with others — within a work team, a sales relationship, a leadership position, or other relationships.

  • Other Assessment Options

Symicor360 engages multiple assessment tools beyond Berke and 360 Degree Assessment. We have forged partnerships with multiple talent and career assessment firms that allow us to have a full complement of effective talent evaluation instruments.

Career Options Identified

Deciding on your next career move can be daunting and overwhelming. Whether you know exactly what you want to do or not, knowing how to make that journey can be a bit tricky.  An outplaced employee may want to rejoin the workforce in the same career or embark on a new journey.  Sorting through the many options can also be confusing and difficult to manage.

Symicor360 career coaches spend significant time working with the candidate to clarify long-term goals and objectives.  Once these goals are identified, the real work begins!

Each career coach helps the candidate look back at previous experiences as a foundation for the career discussion. We dive into the candidate’s likes and dislikes with previous job experiences. Further, we identify candidate’s passion and skills that will help each candidate make the best choices. Awareness of these factors enables the candidate to actively seek out careers that align with his / her specific talents.

Our career coaches help candidates articulate and validate various career choices. Once career options are identified, each opportunity is then scrutinized.

Create Optimal Resume(s)

Choosing the optimal resume writer is our job!  The Symicor360 resume writing team is comprised of some of the best-certified resume writers in the nation.

Our resume writers design a professional resume that reflects the candidate’s relevant skills and talents in the best light possible.

The resume writer shares the candidate’s passion to find an optimal career opportunity. Symicor360 resume writers may create multiple resumes for each candidate.  Each resume will reflect skills and experiences germane to that particular opportunity.

Symicor360 does not stop here!  We also craft clear and effective LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, job prospect email communication, etc.

Develop Powerful Outreach Strategy

Symicor360 and our partner firm (The Symicor Group), have many years of successful bank recruiting experience.  We don’t just prepare resumes and social media profiles, we help candidates find an appropriate and fulfilling job!

Our outreach strategy includes:

  • Networking
  • Job Board Marketing (LinkedIn, Indeed,, Career Builder, etc.)
  • Profile Marketing
  • Outbound Candidate Recruiting

Our years of experience in all phases of outplacement and recruiting ensures that each outplaced candidate has the best opportunity for expedient re-employment.

Whether the candidate is actively searching for a new career, or simply trying to find a similar career path, networking is a powerful and essential tool. Networking is crucial. The more people you meet, the more knowledge and insight you can gain from your network. Surveys do show that 85% of all jobs are filled through networking.

As a part of our outreach strategy, Symicor360 enables each candidate to leverage their own referral relationships as well as our network of over 30,000 bank and credit union contacts. These resources separate us from any other outplacement firm in the United States. The Symicor Group (our partner division) has many years of experience opening new doors for candidates.

Job Board Marketing

In today’s digital age, candidates need a personal brand.  The first thing a hiring manager will do once they review your CV / resume, is to evaluate your personal and professional brand by simply conducting a Google search using the candidate’s name.

We work with each candidate to articulate an image that delivers a compelling mosaic of their overall background and value proposition.

Marketing this personal brand on various job boards (Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, etc.) requires both art and science.  We have many years of experience working with and leveraging multiple job boards (and job board aggregators).

Profile Marketing

What banks and credit unions see is key!  Avoid copy noise. Efficacy is an important aspect of profile marketing. This is also true for writing and marketing resumes. The truth is, people really don’t read everything so word selection and sentence structure is critical.

We convey a message that is important to the candidate and prospective employer and present it in an easy-to-read format.

Our profile marketing includes smart use of bullet points, keyword placements, and concise writing – being sensitive to screening algorithms combing through each resume.

Symicor360 profiles tend to be fact-based and designed to inspire a potential employer to learn more about a candidate. Resumes should include ‘proof points’ designed to entice a would-be employer. Our profiles, therefore, highlight important metrics that quantify the candidate’s work and define how it could benefit future employers.

So, the issue of relevancy is important.  Our executive profiles and resumes identify how our candidates can help the bank and credit company in a way that is essential to hiring managers in the targeted industry.

Symicor360 Marketing

Candidate marketing is what we do best!  We have bank and credit union clients all over the United States that have come to depend on our candidate marketing strategies and stellar results.

In the end, placement is the key.  Our candidate marketing team effectively develops a candidate marketing plan that puts each candidate’s resume in front of the right decision-maker.  Our marketing strategies and placement tools are unparalleled in the banking industry.

We start by reviewing the candidate’s outreach strategy and assessment results.  Then, our team of career coaches designs a unique candidate marketing plan that leverages all available avenues for employment.

Interview Preparation / Job Offer

Setting the stage for a successful interview is essential.  The Symicor360 team prepares each candidate with the essential tools necessary for an interview experience that separates the candidate from all others.

We review each employment opportunity with the candidate and customize the candidate’s approach to each interview.  We do a deep dive into the specific job duties, company culture and other essential responsibilities.

Our coaches conduct uniquely designed mock interviews which are reviewed with the candidate.  When possible, the interview critique is targeted to specific job opportunities.